Dear tech startup,

You need a legal structure to stand the test of time and ensure sustainability.

Tell you what, one of the fundamentals that will protect your tech startup and help you build a sustainable company is well drafted CONTRACTS.

Yes, you heard us right.

Your startup NEED contracts for a solid foundation. Here are some of the contracts you shouldn’t compromise on as a tech startup;

✓ Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): this protects your trade secrets and inventions from being leaked to a third party and helps safeguard your innovative ideas from prying eyes.

✓ Investment Agreements: this is of utmost importance if you are seeking funding. It helps you formalize terms with investors to protect both parties.

✓ Employee Contracts: this clearly outline terms of employment, roles of employees, confidentiality and remuneration expectations.

✓ Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy: this is quite vital for online platforms, it covers user interactions and data protection.

✓ Privacy agreement: this embodies how the data you collect is processed and ensures that requisite permission is obtained.

Dear techies, now is the time to secure your journey to success by dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s!

Don’t endanger your startup.

Get in touch with a lawyer now!