After much planning, you decide to start up your business; you’ve gotten a reasonable amount of money for startup. Your clientele is to a reasonable extent good enough and you are confident that you have done your research about what it entails to start and run a business, you have appointed and gotten the necessary human labor required to keep the business running and you are good to go.

However, you have forgotten one important person.

How important is the person right? the person is absolutely crucial to any successful business.

You have consulted with well knowledgeable persons who have started their business and are doing great so, what more do you need this particular person for?

Now you are thinking… who did I forget to consult? Who is this supposedly important person I must bring onboard to build a legally fortified foundation for my business?

Who do I need to ensure the smooth running of my business?

Gotten the hint?

Know the person yet?

Still don’t? Still guessing?

Yes.. That’s right…A LAWYER! Or in other words, A LEGAL ADVISOR.

You need to get a legal advisor for your business right from inception.

Why do you need to get a legal advisor? The same reason you ensure you eat and drink the right things your body needs so as to avoid getting ill and going to the doctor to spend more money than you would have had to if you’ve taken proper care of yourself.

You need a legal advisor to ensure your business is legally healthy. Remember, if the legal health of your business is poor, you could end up in a big mess, big enough to terminate your business.

A legal advisor would help you to build a legally sound business. Without a legal advisor, your entire business is at risk and legal battle is already by your door.

You need a legal advisor to ensure that you avoid unnecessary legal battles, costly legal mistakes that can terminate your business and give you heart attack.

A legal advisor will give you legal opinions and recommendations vis-à-vis the Law, help you to make better business decisions, provide regular updates on new laws/regulations/policies within your industry, draft and/or review agreements.

Don’t make the mistake of running into legal problems before seeking a legal advisor, it might be too late. To avoid getting burnt in business, get a legal advisor today.

@ ABILEGAL Barristers & Solicitors, we are always here to ensure that your business is legally protected. Send us a message if you need legal assistance.

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