Imagine having heavy sanctions imposed on your business for an action that you have always considered “no big deal”?

To be at peace with the law is to rid your business of every element of illegality. Here are illegal acts that your business should avoid;

• Tax evasion: it may sound appealing to you to save more by skipping the payment of taxes. There’s however no advantage in evading taxes, if you think you can save more by evading taxes then you are in for a rude shock. Using illegal means such as bribery or false declaration of income to escape the payment of taxes will spell doom for your business when you get caught.

• Paying employees below minimum wage: oh yes, it is very illegal to pay your employees below the country’s minimum wage. I know your business is still in it’s early stages but you stand the risk of being embroiled in lawsuits by labor unions if you pay below the stipulated minimum wage. Except there a contrary agreement between you and your employees, ensure you pay the minimum wage.

• Toxic working environments: not being particularly careful about the working environment of your employees could bring the wrath of the law to your doorstep. Not only should the working environment be physically conducive, it must be favorable to the mental health of your employees.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse for illegality. The law won’t go easy on your business just because you didn’t know that an act was illegal when you committed it. As a matter of fact, I will say the law delights in dealing with people who “ignorantly” flout its provisions. Dear business owner, don’t fall victim.