Have you heard about the ban of rituals and smoking in movies by Nigerian government?

Interesting development right?

We agree!

Movies play a large role in social influencing and to an extent people tend to get influenced by things that they see in movies.

As it is, movie producers, directors, actors and industry leaders have been warned sternly to desist from glamorizing rituals and other crimes in movies.

Dear skit maker, creative, script writer and every other person in the creative industry,

“The Prohibition of Money Ritual, Ritual Killing, Tobacco, Tobacco Products, Nicotine Product Promotion and Glamorisation display in Movies, Musical Videos and Skits” Regulations 2024″ have been approved and signed into law.

Thread carefully and act within legal boundaries.

Honestly, we think the enactment of this law is a welcome development.

What do you think?

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