One of our team members sold peanuts when she was a student and below is her story.

She started the peanut business to augment her pocket money. Her “balling” capacity was quite dependent on how much profit she made from the sale of the peanuts.

Living large meant selling as many peanuts as possible so she devised a strategy to increase her customer base and consequently her sales.

This young lady took her peanuts everywhere!
Armed with “the best peanut” in that vicinity, she generously poured out compliments on everyone she met with and flattered each person into buying at least one peanut.

She became known for her ability to put a smile on people’s faces and her peanuts began to sell out within few hours. She sold as much as 10 dozens weekly despite being busy with lectures.

Her strategy bothered on aggressive marketing accompanied with a personal touch(i.e compliments) finessed to suit each prospective customer. She leveraged on their need to feel noticed and with her strategy fulfilled that deep need.

Dear business owner, personal touch is everything to your customers. Always be in their faces but pay attention to their innate desire and make it a bonus on your products if you can. It could be a short motivation on the package of your product, or a captivating design on your package, you can go a step further by making personalized notes on each order.

This year your market must sell. If you no sell am, how you want take ball?

Yours truly,
Your best friend

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