Dear Fintech company,
Don’t even dream of launching out without complying with regulatory requirements.

One important thing you should know as a Fintech company is that smooth operations is largely dependent on your ability to comply with extant laws.

Some of the regulatory requirements you shouldn’t ignore as a Fintech company include;
1. Incorporation: this requirement is mandatory and it is a prerequisite for operating in the FINTECH space in Nigeria. Before you launch your FinTech Company, it must be duly incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

2. Obtaining necessary licenses: licensing for Fintech companies is as important as incorporation. Without fulfilling the condition precedent of obtaining the requisite license from the CBN, a Fintech company cannot operate.

3. Adherence to data protection and data privacy requirements.

4. Compliance with Know Your Customers(KYC) and Anti Money Laundering(AML) requirements.

Compliance is your ticket to business sustainability, don’t ignore it.

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