Many at times, you use email marketing to promote your products and build relationships with potential customers. In all of this, you should understand that email marketing like every other form of advertisement is regulated by law.

Dear business owner, below are legal tips that will help you campaign for your business while still remaining on the right side of the law;
• Permission of the recipient: you must have the express or implied consent of the email recipient before you send out your emails. You must ensure that the person actually opted in to receive mails from you and can opt out at any time without restrictions.

• Don’t mislead people: don’t use confusing words that will likely mislead people in your emails. The subject of the email must be clear and you must be respectful in your choice of words. Also ensure that the recipient is aware that the email is a marketing campaign or an advertisement.

• Clear identification: the email must include your name or the name of the person on behalf of whom you are sending the email. It must also include a postal address for yourself or a means through which you can be contacted such as a phone number, a website link or a email address.

•You have a duty to keep the email and other details of the recipients private. You cannot share or use their mails for personal gains as that will be a breach of privacy.

•Always make sure there is an option to unsubscribe from receiving your mails.

You must ensure that all legal bases are covered before you send that email. This is to prevent your business from encountering legal issues. Cover all necessary bases by making use of the above tips.