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Let’s talk about conflict management between co-founders in a startup.

Have you been wondering, just how do I prevent my startup from pulling apart at the seams due to conflict?

Here’s your answer;

As a startup, there are legal agreements you shouldn’t do without, these agreements help to cushion the effect of differences in opinion between you and other co-founders

1. A co-founders agreement: this goes without saying, don’t ever kickoff operations as a startup without a co-founders agreement. I tell you for free, a co-founders agreement basically helps to define the expectations for each co-founder, outlines the procedure of equity vesting, defines exit terms, and even includes options for conflict resolution.

2. Intellectual Property agreement: You want to kickstart operations without an IP agreement? If I hear

A well-drafted IP agreement not only helps to establish ownership of intellectual property, it also prevents needless disputes between co-founders in a startup.

3. Funding and financial support agreement: this is important if you are looking to receive external funding. This agreement helps to define where you seek funding and the options the startup may explore. A funding and financial support agreement eliminates the need for squabble over funding options thereby reducing the likelihood of conflict.

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