My name is Mr. Afunimawobe Mugu and I lost fifteen million naira to an “Association President”.

You are probably wondering how in the world I found myself in the above situation, here is the gist;

I specialize in international trade.

I was approached by the “president” of Association of international traders and I was informed that my “ticket” to continued relevance in business is joining their organisation and paying a sum of fifteen million naira as the “money for form”.

He further threatened me by saying he will cut off my access to the international market if I don’t comply with his directive. He emphasized on his actions being “legal” and backed up by the constitution.

It was years later that I told my lawyer the above story and I’m sure you will find it hard to believe that I had absolutely no legal compulsion to join that association let alone pay them fees for form.

The constitution guarantees the freedom of association and this freedom extends to corporate bodies. Except there is an express or implied provision by the law, no business owner is mandated to join any association.

But then as you no get lawyer, them go swindle you tire. Trust me, I got duped a number of times before I retained the services of my current legal adviser.

Wise up o!

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