As a business owner, there is no law that protects you from being sued as a business owner.

Your registered business has a legal identity and it can sue or be sued.

Anyone can bring a legal action against your business either bogus or real. Here are tips on what to do in the event of a lawsuit;

• Don’t ignore it: ignoring a lawsuit won’t make it go away. As a matter of fact, ignoring it will cause you more problems in the long run. A default judgment could be entered against you by the judge based on the evidence presented by the other party if you pull a no-show and you will be left with no choice but to comply with the judgement or make an appeal.

• Read the complaint: carefully go through the details of the complaint against you. Know the person suing you and the reason why you are being sued. Thoroughly read through the document to see if there is a deadline for you to respond to the summon.

• Contact your lawyer: there is nothing better than having quality representation during a lawsuit. Hand over the summon to your lawyer and let him determine the next course of action. Do not resort to Google generated legal advice or attempt to go at it on your own. The price you will pay to hire a lawyer is worth it.

Panic is not the next course of action when you discover that you have been sued. Take a deep breath and carefully follow the above guidelines. Feel free to thank me later!