1. He must be an experienced business lawyer: Just as you won’t go to an optician to get physiotherapy, do not consult just any lawyer for your business. Lawyers have their specialization. Getting a lawyer who is not experienced in business is just a waste of time and money.

2. Must have good knowledge about your business: You Business lawyer should have at least average knowledge of the kind of business you are into to be able to advise you efficiently on steps to take in your field of business.

3 Have a good track record: You must check the reputation of the business lawyer you want to consult to be sure he/she will be ethical in conducting his duties with diligence and skill.

4. Can simplify legal jargon: Be sure your lawyer can explain legal terms to you in stupid simple English. Law can be very boring and legal terminologies confusing, you don’t want a lawyer that will confuse you the more. Want to engage a lawyer for your business? Send a DM.