Dear you,

Heartbreak doesn’t get worse than this.

Imagine making plans to sail into the sunset of love with your partner and all of a sudden you get jilted.


This is not a matter of God forbid because we can already hear several whispers in the background.

Guess what?

You are in luck.

Do you know that in Nigeria, you can sue a partner who promised you marriage and eventually broke up with you for the breach of promise to marry?

The court has emphasized that where there is a clear and unambiguous promise to marry, the aggrieved party is entitled to seek damages for the breach of that promise.

Not just that, you can also be awarded monetary damages by the court as compensation for the time wasted and the trauma of a failed relationship.

So, don’t resort to violence just because you want to “deal” with the person who jilted you. Just file a civil action and watch the law fight for you.

Happy Monday!