FOUR ESSENTIAL THINGS TO DO BEFORE SIGNING THAT CONTRACT. Do you know that executing a contract without proper understanding of its contents can be a costly mistake? In other not to get legally burnt, these are four essential things to consider before signing a contract:1. READ THE PAPERS CAREFULLY: Don’t ever be pressurized to sign a document without thoroughly reading and understanding the terms of the agreement, it could be a trap.

2. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS: If you need to make corrections, additions or negotiations, please do.

3. BE SURE OF YOUR RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS: When in doubt, always ask questions.

4. HIRE A LAWYER: To be safe, always hire a lawyer to review your contracts, the use-of English in contracts are different from the ordinary use of English. Legal documents try to cover all future scenarios which make them extremely wordy and confusing. It’s important to get your contract reviewed by a legal expert (a solicitor/ lawyer).Find this helpful? Kindly like, share and tag others who need to benefit from it.