Dear business owner, Barkuda Olonje is not a strange name on the streets of Bojuri. As a matter of fact, the brand name is almost as old as the town itself.

Barkuda Olonje raked in millions from its extremely prosperous food venture on a daily basis. Many people came to Bojuri town solely for the purpose of exploring the delicious contents of their menu.

Would you believe it if I told that this reputable establishment is now a shadow of its former self?

You must be wondering what went wrong and how an establishment can go from being the next best thing to becoming relegated all in a matter of months.

Well, Barkuda Olonje thought that being legally fortified was outdated. Everything that ought to have been done to keep up with the standard of the law was on the bottom of their priority lists.

The establishment was far from being legally fortified and believe me when I say Barkuda Olonje paid dearly for this oversight.

You don’t want to be Barkuda Olonje do you?

I trust you know better than to leave your business in the hands of fate. Now is the time to jump on the legally fortified train my dear.

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