AI voice cloning has emerged as a remarkable advancement.

We are in a time where technology continues to prove to us that there’s no impossibility.

AI can now create a video with your picture and the voice will sound exactly as yours.

But is it good news or bad news?

Let’s explore both sides of the coin.

The Good News:

You can now use AI to create your video content or presentation without recording any video.

The AI will generate a realistic video of you with your picture and clone your voice such that it’s impossible to spot the difference. This will make like super easy for video content creators.

But The Bad News is fraud.

It will become impossible to tell a real video made by a person from a fake one created by AI.

Voice cloning might increase the possibility of identity theft, scams, and fraud.

Though voice cloning is a powerful tool that can be utilized for both positive and negative purposes, do you think the negatives outweigh the positive ? Share your thoughts in the comment section.